Thursday, November 11, 2021



happy skyrim day!
i know i said i was not going to go back to cbbe but v2's sliders are just too good and i could not resist any longer so heres my FUCKMEAT
modding made me unhappy for a really long time so im just doing my mods my way now. im trying to love this game again

anyways! thanks!

FUCKMEAT is meant to be used around the 50-ish range, and that is where i use it myself. i tried to make both 0 and 100 still as appealing as possible while making 45-55 perfect for my liking.


BodySlide and Outfit Studio by ousnius
CBBE 3BBB by Acro748

With NMM or drag and drop in your Skyrim folder! That easy!
** Make sure you build the body in Bodyslide first, then install the muscle mod above.

Preset will show up under CBBE 3BBB Body Amazing in Bodyslide. You can change what it appears under as if you open the .xml file in notepad.

this is my first mod "back". if something doesnt work please dm me on discord if you know it or twitter

Download Here!

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