Monday, July 12, 2021

Vyr's Motherhood - BHUNP Preset


BodySlide and Outfit Studio by ousnius
BHUNP by Bakafactory

WetFunctionRedux SE on LoversLab for the shine you see here. My specifics I use are 0 spec and 1000 gloss.

With NMM/MO2 or drag and drop in your Skyrim folder! That easy! Build like normal with bodyslide.
You HAVE to build the body in bodyslide and build your armors to the body. Make it look like this:

***Preset will show up under BHUNP 3BBB, BHUNP 3BBB Advanced and BHUNP 3BBB
Please share your creations using my presets! I would absolutely adore to see what you create!

Q: What skin do you use?
A: I use Diamond Skin.

Q: How do you get that gloss?
A: WetFunctionRedux. Dont use the included specular/textures with the mod and boost gloss only up to 1000. Also, ENB tweaks.

Q: What hair? What eyes?
A: I use HG Hairs and Tullius eyes.

Q: Enb?
A: Silent Horizons.

Download here!

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